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10 Ridiculous Laws around the world 

Depending on what your political views are, there are good laws and bad laws. But there is a more interesting sort that can fall anywhere close to absurd, bizarre and even hilarious. There are many that will make you wonder why on earth the law would try to control certain things. Here is a list of things that are illegal in different parts of the world, and is by no means an exhaustive list. 
1. Naming a child something 'weird' in Denmark 


You’d probably want this kind of law to be enforced in your country, you know, in case your parents get any funny ideas and decide to ruin your life with an embarrassing name. Apparently, Denmark has stringent naming guidelines and its best people stick to a database of approved names. If you came up with one that was out of this list, you’d have to get approval from the government. And no, 'Princess Consuela Bananahammock' isn't on the list. 

2.   Making Ugly faces at dogs in Oklahoma:

Although this is just in some parts of the US state, this one had to make this list. Oklahoma is also known for its rather odd laws.  You can’t make a face at a dog (it’s okay to make faces at babies) or more specifically an ‘ugly face.’ This counts as harassment and even possibly provokes the animal. Apparently for your own good. 

3. Not flushing a public toilet or urinating in an elevator in Singapore

Flushing the toilet after use is an unspoken rule in most parts of the world in the interest of the next person's sanity. In Singapore though, the rule is very much written and enforced. You could get fined up to $150 for not doing so. What if the flush isn't working? You're going to have to explain that to the cops. You also can't pee where there is no flush- like in a public elevator. Can't think of many who'd want to do that, but if they did, they could get caught- by the elevator. Some elevators in Singapore are apparently fitted with urine detecting devices (UDD) that can detect the smell of urine and then keep you locked in the elevator until the cops show up bust you.  

4. Buying/wearing anything ‘red’ on Valentine’s day in Saudi Arabia

You were probably wondering when (and not whether) this country would show up on this list.  On the occasion of Valentine’s day, you can’t sell roses, anything heart-shaped (or generally a lot of red things thrown in for good measure) in this ultra-conservative kingdom. It’s not just one of those laws that merely exists in the dusty old books but no one really bothers to conform to. It is very much enforced with full rigor by Saudi Arabia’s thought-police also known as the 'Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.'  Why, you ask? Well, you better not ask why in Saudi Arabia, they’ll beat you senseless if you disobey is why!  The Islamic kingdom restricts a lot of conduct that is considered un-Islamic, even if you’re not a Muslim. Valentine’s day is one of these un-Islamic things that may apparently encourage people to get 'funny ideas.'

5.   Going out without underwear in Thailand


It’s always good to wear underwear but most places don’t make it mandatory. I mean, they CAN’T make it mandatory, right? In Thailand there is such a law, and there have apparently not been many cases where people have been arrested for the offense. How do they even catch people for the offense? You don't want to know. 

6. Wearing a suit of armor to the parliament in the UK

The parliament in the UK is apparently a place for civilized debate and discussion, its not a battlefield! So in case anyone got any funny ideas for 'wear a costume to work day', there's a rule against wearing suits of armor in the parliament. Sorry, Batman. 

But it should be okay to go in there dressed like a chicken. 

7. Taking a lion to the movies in Baltimore

The second US law featuring on this list, and for good reason-they’re the funniest! Oh, and in case you’re bored on a weekend and want to do something different -like maybe hang out with a lion, remember that if you’re in Baltimore, the cinema is off-limits for the poor guy. Maybe you could take him out for a beer?

8. Not carrying a portable breathalyzer in your car in France

If you’re in France on vacation and are planning to get behind the wheel, it is mandatory to pack a portable breathalyzer in your car. When the cops stop to check you for DUI, they’re going to expect you to produce your own breathalyzer for the test. Fortunately, there doesn't seem to be a fine for it, you'll probably just get a stare-down from the cop. Bring your own breathalyzer.

9. Being 'annoying' in the Philippines


Finding someone annoying is a very subjective thing so it would be interesting to know how this law is implemented. But it does exist. According to Article 287 of the Philippines legal code “coercions or unjust vexations shall be punished by arresto menor (imprisonment for up to thirty days) or a fine ranging from 5 pesos to 200 pesos, or both.” Yes, you could go to jail for being annoying. Someone please take Rebecca Black to the Philippines. 

10. Eating another man’s wife in China


The laws of cannibalism in China seem to be very specific. The Chinese are also known for their very ‘wide-range’ of taste for food and meat. Cannibalism is normally considered fine, it’s only a problem if you eat someone else’s wife....intentionally (Not quite sure how you could do that accidentally). Anyone else is fair game. 

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Any other weird laws in your country that could give these a run for their money? Mention them in the comments section below! 

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