10 Major Culprits behind the

 Rising Incidence of Depression

Research suggests that the global prevalence of mental illness among young adults has reached a record high in the past 5 years. Millennials have been consistently found to be the most susceptible to anxiety disorders and depression, particularly in the workplace. Should you be worried? Before going any further, its important to define and agree on what depression is and what it's not. Sadness and depression are not the same thing.  Rejection at an interview for a coveted job or the absence of a loved one can trigger transient lows that don't warrant any serious concern. If however, you observe a considerable loss of interest in the activities that you normally enjoy and a significant change in your appetite and sleep habits, some concern is warranted. And if its any consolation, you are definitely not alone. Now, I will say that depression does not always have a single, identifiable cause.  There are however, a number of factors in our contemporary world that can be identified as potential contributors. 

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