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Digital Revamp for Small Businesses & Non-profits during COVID-19 

Project: Redesigning the website of a small and struggling therapeutic arts business and a non-profit organization in the Seattle area during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Role: Website designer, communications consultant (Pro-bono)

Tools: Wix platform, Paint 3D, Canva, Google Sheets

During the prolonged wait during the pandemic prior to the start of classes at my graduate program, I decided to get involved remotely by doing pro-bono work for my department's consulting program. Known back then as "Communication Leadership's COVID-19 Consultancy," the program was set up to support small businesses and non-profits with the many communications challenges they faced during the pandemic. 
Apart from its well-recognized public health impact, the COVID-19 pandemic also led to severe economic disruptions. Among the most affected were small organizations that relied more on in-person operations to function. Two such organizations were Westwood Healing Arts (a therapeutics sole proprietorship) and Kent Community Development Collaborative (a Community Development non-profit). My team was responsible for revamping the websites of both organizations to better meet their needs and support their digital pivot during the pandemic. 

Serivce WHA.png

This project provided a unique glimpse into the inner workings of small businesses and non-profits and the challenges they encounter during a global crisis. As someone with less than 3 years of full-time work experience at the time, I was unsure of how useful my expertise would be for a struggling small organization. I was fortunate to work alongside a colleague with some consulting experience who gave me valuable insights on how to manage the expectations of demanding clients or provide adequate reassurance during difficult conversations. ​

My contributions included content audits, website redesign, and marketing and outreach consulting for these clients. 

The slideshow below features pictures of the revamped websites of both organizations and that of a certificate of recognition we received for our work.

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