Adding a Person

When an individual interacts with an organization for the first time a new person record is created.  This record remains in the database of the organization and information is updated as and when there are changes in work relationships.

Do remember that person record is created only once for every individual and stored permanently in the database of the organization. 

Click on a candidate name and hover over the corresponding image to view details for each candidate.  View the answers for each candidate in the box below the map. 


Here is a  handy map (below) to help you find your way through the hiring process for each candidate. 

The person has previously been:

  • An employee of the enterprise

  • A contingent worker

  • Non-worker (volunteer)

The person has been previously listed as:

  • An emergency contact

  • A beneficiary

  • A dependent 

OF ​any previous or existing employee/contingent worker/non-worker in the enterprise

Go to existing person record

A completely fresh face then!

Create a new person record. 

The person has an existing work relationship

Create new work relationship 

Update new work relationship or add to existing work relationship