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5 Digital Features that Manipulate our Online Behavior

Digital devices have taken center stage in our lives over the past few years, and their significance is being further accentuated due to the circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic. As they become an indispensable part of our lives, it is important to examine our relationship with them, and the amount of control they exert in this relationship.

Digital social media
A Tale of Two Pandemics

An article focusing on a widespread social problem that is further intensifying during the global COVID-19 crisis. The article provides some insights from existing research on its possible causes. 

Crowd with Masks
Zooming on Tablet
Platform Power:
How Google and Facebook are the hubs of new media 

This paper examines some of the key attributes behind the preeminence of two big internet platforms that a majority of the world's population uses. 

Computer with Graph
Dynamic Charts

Here's an interesting tool that anyone can implement to make their research work a bit more exciting. By leveraging the combined functionality of Google Forms and Google sheets, this is a survey that can give respondents and researchers results and analytics of all the data collected in near-real-time. 

Zooming on Tablet
Largest Urban Areas

An interactive map-based infographic depicting the world's largest urban areas
by population, built-up area, and population density with data from recent population estimates. 

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