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My name is Gautam (pronounced Gow-thum).
I'm a Graduate student in Communication and Multimedia at the University of Washington’s renowned Communication Leadership program. 


Outside of curricular work, I’ve strategically sought out opportunities to put my learning to work by supporting multiple organizations in the Seattle area with the challenge of managing their multimedia presence in an ever-evolving media landscape. 

Services Provided

Content Strategy 
+ Marketing

Media Production & Storytelling


Organizations Supported

Small Businesses

Zane Counseling
(Sammamish, WA)

Westwood Healing Arts
(Seattle, WA)


Kent Community Development Collaborative (Kent, WA)

Educating Youth Services 
(Seattle, WA)

University Departments & Campus Units

University of Washington Libraries 

Communication Leadership at the University of Washington

UW Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences 

Here are some of my recent accomplishments: 

Best Design Award  

Chatbot prototype

Represented my team to win the intra-department Best Design award for our chatbot prototype project.

UW Libraries Student Employee Scholarship

Was awarded the 2023 University of Washington Libraries student employee scholarship for efforts and contributions to the Open Scholarship Commons open-access initiative at the

UW Libraries.

Recognition for

Outstanding Volunteer Work

Earned special recognition for outstanding Volunteer work in Communications with Small Businesses & Non-profits.

Verletta Kern

Director, Scholarly Communication & Publishing

University of Washington Libraries

"In a short time, Gautam transformed our communication strategy for the Open Scholarship Commons at the University of Washington Libraries. He is someone I can rely on when I need to hand a project off--I know it will be done well and on-time." 

Looking to delve deeper? Take a look at some of my projects. 

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