Hello there! Good to see you here. 

My website is an expanding space where you will find content on a wide-range events and developments around the world, most of which are contemporary. 
'Grey Matter' is where you'll mostly find articles in the form of list posts and the topics provide a healthy mix or light and heavy reading. The idea of Grey Matter is still fresh and experimental- things may change around here pretty quick in response to trends, user traffic and of course, your valuable feedback. 

'Visuals' is the exciting, new section where you will find data visualizations like maps, charts and infographics on a wide-range of topics with recently available data. 
If you know how this site can do better, let me know too. Feel free
 to leave your questions/comments/observations in the Facebook comments section below or get in touch with me on gautam.m18@gmail.com. (And I'll feel free to take them down if they're inappropriate).