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A Survey of Media Consumption 


Your input counts...right away

Hi there! 

I've got some exciting news! What you'll find on this page is the very first Dynamic Survey of this website. What's that, you ask?

Well, its pretty simple- like any other survey, you begin by answering a bunch of questions. But here's where it gets interesting- right after you submit them and click 'View Dynamic Charts' at the bottom of this page, you also get a quick peek into the analysis of all the data collected so far. It's kind of like an Instagram poll where you vote for one thing or another and then immediately get to see a summary of all the responses. Of course, these charts don't just represent the percentage of people who voted for one thing or the other, they provide far more detailed information with a variety of cross-tabulations.

 I would also like to remind you that the survey is anonymous, so no one gets to see who answered what, as respondents don't provide their names in the first place. As the researcher, I have no way of tracing the answers back to respondents either.

Key insights from the data collected from the group will be shared with website visitors (including participants themselves), however, at no point will these insights disclose the identity of any of the participants. 

The higher the number of responses, the greater will be the scope and general applicability of this survey. So every response is valuable. I'm counting on you to give yours! 




Please ensure that you hit the 'Submit' button on the form after inputting your responses.
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