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My name is Gautam (pronounced Gow-thum). 

I'm a graduate student at the University of Washington with 4+ years of experience in: 

Content Strategy
Technical Communication
Marketing Communications
Content Design
Visual Design

Here are some of my recent accomplishments: 

Program Marketing & Production Success at 

Oracle SaaS

Drove marketing & content strategy for an Oracle SaaS transformation program  Contributed to a 168%

increase in engagement.

Best Design award for chatbot prototype

@ Screen Summit 2022

Represented my team to win the intra-department Best Design award for our chatbot prototype project.

Pro-bono Design for small organizations during the pandemic

Transformed the online presence of a Seattle-based small business and a non-profit to enable their digital pivot during the pandemic. 

Hover over a tile to explore:

Explore projects & course deliverables from the graduate Digital Media program that I I'm currently pursuing at the University of Washington, Seattle

Graduate School Projects

Projects and course deliverables for the Master's in Digital Media STEM program at the University of Washington, Seattle.

Find information about my diverse professional work experiences and explore some samples of work. 


FInd information and examples of some pro-bono and volunteering passion projects I worked on over the last few years!


This is where you can find some of my Writing and multimedia passion projects. 

Personal Projects

Hi there!

Welcome to my website!

Here's where you can get to know more about me. 

About Me
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