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Research & Education

My name is Gautam (pronounced Gow-thum). I'm an award-winning Multimedia Strategist with over 5 years of experience that spans corporate, research, and non-profit sectors. 

Here's an graphical overview of my experience across a span of over 5 years: 

Media Production
User-centered design
Content Strategy
3 yrs
2 yrs
1 yr

Here are some of my recent accomplishments: 

Program Marketing & Production Success at 

Oracle SaaS

Drove marketing & content strategy for an Oracle SaaS transformation program  Contributed to a 168%

increase in engagement.

Best Design award for chatbot prototype

@ Screen Summit 2022

Represented my team to win the intra-department Best Design award for our chatbot prototype project.

UW Libraries Student Employee Scholarship

Awarded the 2023 University of Washington Libraries student employee scholarship for outstanding contributions to an Open access initiative at the Libraries.

Verletta Kern

Director, Scholarly Communication & Publishing

University of Washington Libraries

"In a short time, Gautam transformed our communication strategy for the Open Scholarship Commons at the University of Washington Libraries. He is someone I can rely on when I need to hand a project off--I know it will be done well and on-time." 

Looking to delve deeper? Take a look at some of my projects. 

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