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My name is Gautam (pronounced Gow-thum).

I'm an award-winning Multimedia Product Consultant with over 5 years of experience in helping organizations transform their content, design, and marketing to thrive in an ever-evolving media landscape. 

The organizations I've served include a Fortune 500 tech giant, a leading research institution, and multiple small businesses, educational departments and non-profits. 

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Here are some of my recent accomplishments: 


User Experience for Research Services @ 

University of Washington

Redesigned and streamlined website and service design for a major open-access initiative at the University of Washington Libraries. 

Best Design award,

Screen Summit 2022 

Represented my team to win the Best Design award for the prototype of a CX automation chatbot for a university deparment.

Currently leading the development of the 3rd iteration of the chatbot. 

Scaled an L&D program on Digital Transformation for


Owned content strategy, and production for an internal program spearheaded by the Oracle SaaS Engineering Product Management & Strategy org.

Contributed to a record turnout of 3600+ attendees, a 168% increase from the prev. year.

​Here's an graphical overview of my experience across a span of over 5 years: 
Research & Education
Media Production
User-centered design
Content Strategy
3 yrs
2 yrs
1 yr

Verletta Kern

Director, Scholarly Communication & Publishing

University of Washington Libraries

"In a short time, Gautam transformed our communication strategy for the Open Scholarship Commons at the University of Washington Libraries. He is someone I can rely on when I need to hand a project off--I know it will be done well and on-time." 

Looking to delve deeper? Take a look at some of my projects. 

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